Friday, July 10, 2009

Can't Wait!!

Sure you can go to a Coldplay concert, but can you go to a Coldplay concert here?

Somehow I lucked out and got free tickets to the sold out concert at the Gorge in George, WA. If I were to see any band, it would be Coldplay and to see it at the Gorge is so COOL. The Northwest is gray and rainy a lot of the time, but the natural wonders here kick ass! (Not to mention that it's close to wine country and my in-laws so there will be no children and plenty of grown in Washington beverages.

Off to see if I can spot Gwenyth, I'm as excited as a 13-year-old meeting Zac Efron.*

(Scratch that, a 30-something -- that kid is cute! You know you've thought that after having to watch High School Musical one too many times...)

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