Thursday, July 2, 2009

Durable Living Rooms

I've been spending a lot of time going through old magazines this week. I came across two articles touting family friendly houses. To my delight, both houses were very chic, comfortable and approachable. I decided to pull out the living rooms of both houses and post them. They are very similar in their approach and furnishings, yet they have a different vibe.

Sorry for the awful scan. Designer Ken Fulk created the perfect casual yet elegant and refined living room. The warm neutral background sets the stage for the fabulous furniture. The RL raffia club chairs are great. The seat cushions are covered in mohair which is one of my favorite durable fabrics for kids and messy adults like myself. The lucite table is incredibly chic and very life friendly. A little windex and your done! Velvet is another one of my favorite fabrics for a room that's used.

This room created by Lisa Rowe (photo courtesy of Cottage Living) is glamorous. She uses white slipcovered furniture to withstand the owners kids and pets as the neutral foundation for the room. Bleach is a great thing! Notice the similarities of the sisal rug, zebra rug and lucite.

Both rooms are fabulous and livable because of the durable foundations.

Which style do you prefer? Me? I'd be more likely to curl up in Ken Fulk's living room because of the texture and camel color. However, I love Lisa Rowe's style for very high traffic areas or houses with lots of pets.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Thursday!

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