Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gorge Camping

It took me a couple days to recover from the Coldplay concert.   It was an amazing concert and pretty civilized camping experience.  Or maybe I'm the one who's become civilized (aka old and mellow) over the years.  No beer bongs for this crowd.  Only BBQ and red wine.  

The only bad part was that I didn't meet Gwenyth and bond over yoga. Maybe next time...

I thought I'd share the experience of going to a concert at the Gorge in Eastern Washington in case you don't live nearby.  My husband and I dropped the kids off at grandmas and met our friends about 20 miles away from the concert in their motor home.  The only way to travel to one of these concerts.  No porta-potties for this girl! 

You can pitch a tent, sleep in your car, or bring a motor home.  Anything goes.   The only rules are quiet time from 2am to 8am.   There was everything from $500,000 motor homes to motor homes from the seventies, to make shift tents.   Here's a couple of my favorite rides from the concert.    

Our view from the motor home.  In the middle of the picture you can see the black scaffolding for the stage.   To the right is the river.  To the left, miles of cows and grapes.  It's an interesting mix of scenery.  

This was my favorite hotel on wheels for the concert.  It sums up the camping experience at the Gorge.  Original 1970's motor home with a great license plate.  Loved it! 

This guy was nice enough to let us take a picture of the fab fridge in trltrsh.  Quilted vinyl from the 70's.  I think designers needs to bring this back.  Instead of quilted stainless bring on the quilted vinyl.  No scratches - just windex it down.  Plus it you get in an accident while walking around in the moho, it will act as a cushion. 

This was another one of my favorite tents on wheels.  I've never seen one of these before. Genius. 

If you get a chance, try to see a concert at the Gorge. It's unlike any other concert you've been to. 


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