Monday, August 24, 2009

The Future of Design

I was very excited to read the NY Times article on Friday "Renovating an Industry". The article mentions a couple of my design favorites, Phoebe Howard and Celerie Kemble and how they are adapting their business to the new economic environment.

It also features a pioneer in the e-decorating business, Burnham Design. Betsy Burnham started offering her instant/space service two years ago when she noticed the economic downtrend. As an alternative to the traditional design service she creates a master plan on line, including resources and unlimited phone advice for a flat fee. Then it's up to the consumer to buy all the products and put the space together.

Our very own blogger, Turquoise, is also mentioned in the article for her involvement in the Designer Tag Sale. Vanessa De Vargas has been pushing the envelope for the past couple years by offering e-decorating services and selling restored antiques that have revamped for today's modern client. She is an inspiration to me as I love her multi-faceted approach to today's client by blending the past and the present.

The recession is making designers re-think their approach and re-invent their services to make the design process more realistic and accessible. Gone are the days of interior design only being accessible to the wealthy or clients who are willing to invest years in the process.

I, for one, am excited about the future.

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