Monday, August 10, 2009

Hollywood Hills Fixer

So on Wednesday I posted that I was heading to Los Angeles for a little break, a cheap and chic re-do of a rental beach house and the designer tag sale. Well... I made it to L.A and I accomplished most of those things. Sadly, I didn't make it to the designer tag sale. Looked like their was great stuff and I would have loved to meet the local designers. Oh well, next time.

While I was there, however, I did have breakfast at one of my husbands' friends houses in the Hollywood Hills. He made an amazing scramble and we ate on the patio overlooking the L.A. skyline. It was so peaceful that I was envisioning living in Los Angeles for a brief moment. Our friend is a composer for films and t.v. and is a tried and true bachelor. In fairness to him, he had no idea a blogger was coming for breakfast at this house.

This house is a fixer, but has amazing potential. It had me at hello. Once inside and I smelled that 1920's tudor smell I was in heaven. There's something about that old wood smell that gives me chills. I'm dreaming of getting my hands on this house someday. House - you would complete me.

They don't make doors like this anymore. The amazing detail and craftsmanship.

The outside of the house. You can see that it needs a little tlc but the bones are good.

Wish you could see this better. This is the entry. Incredible high vaulted beamed ceiling with original light fixture.
Entry doors into the living room or studio as used by our friend. They don't make doors like this anymore. The craftsmanship in the windows, doors and ceilings of this house were amazing. New spec builders take note. Stop slapping up houses and create something that will stand the test of time.

Rest of the living room/studio. Remember - bachelor men live here. Check out the ceiling. The fireplace is unfinished but could be incredible. This room has two decks that open off of it. The breeze is incredible and you feel like you are above the world. I could get used to living in a house where I can keep the doors open all day.

Sorry this is so dark - it was super sunny when I took the picture. One of the balcony/patios off the living room/studio. You can see the L.A. skyline from this balcony.

The other patio off the living room. Having breakfast out here was such a treat. I felt like I was in France - not Los Angeles. Heaven.

Master bathroom. Great vanity and mosaic tile floor.

Again, notice the doors. Beautiful.

Soaking tub in the master bath. All the windows open so you can soak and catch the breeze while taking in the view of downtown.

Check out the stove. One of the most beautiful ones I've even seen. Some day you will be mine.

Sorry about not having images from the sale. I'm still crying that I didn't make it. It's times like this that remind you no matter how tired you are you just need to power through. Life is about experiences, not sleep. (I keep trying to tell myself this as I'm all about my sleep)

Hope you liked the images our of friends fixer in the Hollywood Hills.

Have a great Monday.

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Linda in AZ * said...

* Oh, WOW! I wish M*Y bones were as BEAUTIFUL, & had such GREAT POTENTIAL, as the bones in T*H*I*S home!!!

Being born n' raised @ the beach in SO CAL, but not living there for "a gazillion years" now, the thought of "going back" and "doing" a home like this~ to suit the taste & needs of myself & my husband~ is such a THRILLLLLING THOUGHT!!!!

If "he" ever does a rehab, pleeeease ask him to let you photo it to share with us!!! I'd LOVE to see how the "strong points" were utilized!!!

Delicious potential! YUM!

Many thanks,
Linda in AZ *

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