Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blackberry Farm

I've been reading articles on Blackberry Farm ( for the last couple years. It's always piqued my interest by pulling on my Oregon grown heartstrings. But, now I need to go.

It's situated on 4,200 acres 25 miles outside Knoxville, Tennessee. It's a working farm with livestock, gardens, orchards, even an on-site creamery where cheeses, jams and pickles are made. You can take part in the farm activities or just sample the results in their outstanding restaurant. I love the concept of taking a vacation on a working farm. Learning about the connection between the food on your table and the land. It's something we take for granted by just walking into our huge mega food stores. Buying and eating locally makes so much sense.

What better place to experience this connection than at a luxury resort. After you get dirty in the garden you can go to the spa. Not into taking part in the farm activities, Blackberry Farm also has you covered with the usual resort activities like golf, tennis, hiking, swimming and lawn games. What more of a sporting vacation - they offer fly fishing, horseback riding and clay shooting as well. Sounds like they offer a little bit of something for everyone.

Seriously, this wine cellar makes me want to hop a plane right now. ( I digress as usual)

While the scenery is breathtaking and the activities endless, what really caught my eye was one of the charming bedrooms. This is what I call a relaxing hotel room. For once, it doesn't look like a standard hotel room. Gorgeous four poster black bed, crisp white bedding, chocolate pudding walls, sea grass rug, linen drapes and fun graphic printed pillows and throws. I'd take this over the sleek, now so overdone, W decor any day.

A day of picking berries, sampling wine, making cheese or just going for a hike. Followed by a glass of wine with fabulous locally grown food and then a night of uninterrupted sleep in this fluffy bed. I can't think of a better day.
Thank you Blackberry Farm for putting a casual spin on luxury. I think I'm in hotel heaven.


Karena said...

What a great place, I am certainly up for a visit!

vignette design said...

That bed is wonderful. Makes me want to crawl right in. Which would be much appreciated after a visit to that wine cellar! Are you Oregon grown? I am too! --Delores

Anonymous said...

Southern Accent had an article on Blackberry Farm in 2009. It appears to be a beautiful location but it costs mega bucks to stay there.

Unknown said...

It's even better than all that. It is crazy expensive but so worth it. It is truly Heaven on earth.

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