Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chris Barrett - eye candy

A little Pacific Palisades eye candy by Los Angeles interior designer Chris Barrett to start your week off right.

The arched doors and rustic beams combined with the stucco fireplace are what first attracted me to this house. Regular french doors wouldn't have made quite the same statement. This room has such a great refined yet casual feel.

The kitchen is the perfect complement to the living room and adds warmth with the masculine caramel tones.

Love, love, love the dining room off the living room and kitchen. I also like how both rooms share the flat screen t.v. My family would live in this room.

A decidedly normal looking media room for a house in Los Angeles. I may hyperventilate because of that door! Doors and windows can make or break a house. REALLY.

Heaven. What I wouldn't give to wake up in this room everyday.

Those beams and doors again... Breathtaking.

The window in the bathroom echos the curved doors throughout the house. I also like that they used the dark cabinets throughout the house to add continuity instead of changing them in every room - one of my pet peeves. The builder and designer paid attention to the details without going overboard.

A lovely way to start the week.


Barbara@HausDesign said...

This is really gorgeous work that is just my style! I saved a few pictures for my inspiration files - especially the gorgeous living room. I agree - windows and doors can take a house from good to great!

Renee Granier said...

We adore the wood beams and how they carried out the arch throughout the home. We agree French doors would not have given you the same impact.
Angela and Renee

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