Thursday, August 4, 2011

Southern Style

Whether it's a new store in Atlanta's Buckhead called Anthony Wolf
Or a poolhouse by Phoebe Howard

Or a beachhouse in Seagrove Florida by Keith Summmerour and Jackye Lanham

I'm hooked on the clean, muted palettes of these spaces. I do love color as well, but I must say I'm most attracted to the subtle southern style.


Katerina said...

I'd like to add Melanie Turner to the list of fabulous Southern designers with a clean, sophisticated palette. (Well, I think she's Welsh but she operates out of Georgia)
Her kitchen which was featured in Veranda about a year ago is absolutely to die for!!

Katerina said...
Melanie Turner at Benecki Homes

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I absolutely love that kitchen/eating area by Keith Summmerour and Jackye Lanham! That arch really makes the room...beautiful post!

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