Monday, August 1, 2011

Southern Style

I love Southern Style. I often tell people that I'm living in the wrong part of the country as I'm so drawn to everything Southern - especially design.

Southerner's USE their houses. Entertaining is a way of life. So in turn, their house represents them and they invest in creating the perfect space for their lifestyle. There's no way a Southerner would build a huge house and then fill it with Ikea furniture.

I thought I'd do a series this week on some of my favorite less know Southern design.

I love the carefree style of this Mia James house in Baton Rouge.

She used a neutral base and then choose a signature color palette of blues to create a sense of uniformity and flow in the home. Even right down to her outdoor spaces and her daughter's room. Continuity is so important in creating a peaceful and beautiful home.

This house has the right amount of interesting pieces without being overdone. That's the kind of Southern Style I love.


Brooke McGuyer and Meg White said...

We love this house too and also blogged about it recently!


under spanish moss said...

Oh my gracious! Southern Style is just our style. We love this house. So beautiful! We are in the Baton Rouge area and haven't seen this beauty. Thanks for sharing!

laney said...

...there is no way a southerner would be build a small house and fill it with ikea furniture...

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