Sunday, September 25, 2011

Branca Chicago Store

I mentioned that I was going to Visit Alessandra Branca's store in Chicago on my trip. The warehouse sale is going on right now so the store is stacked and packed with incredible finds. While it wasn't merchandised in her usual vignettes/roomscapes - it was still incredible and lived up to my expectations. She has amazing taste and style and you could see her aesthetic in every item and detail in the store.

I apologize up front for the quality of my pictures - I really need the new iPhone as my 3GS is really not living up to my expectations.

The famous black and white awning with an incredible red Chinese Chippendale bench.

This dinning table made me weak in the knees. And the Cameroon Feather Headdress was amazing.

Furniture stacked high on racks. Those French blue and white chairs are too die for. The back is a dark navy velvet and even the gimp around the nail heads is blue and white ticking. Divine. Wish I had a client who needed navy and white. Anyone?

The other side of the rack had amazing chandeliers in addition to more chairs.

Racks of accessories. I was like a kid in a candy store.

An example of one of her accessory vignettes for the warehouse sale. I can only imagine what it would look like normally.

Loved these lamps and Sea Fan.

The downstairs featured a lot of fabulous tables, artwork and dishes.

An amazing French wire cabinet.

And this traditional Edwardian Library Bookcase circa 1910 England. I would kill for this piece. Kill.

The upstairs was piled high with chairs, glassware and linens. But, the best part was the pop of her signature red in the 2 bookcases that flanked each side of the room and their matching library sconces. Check out that ceiling while you're at it as well.

This side was all clear glass or white ceramic (except for those turquoise pieces)

While this bookcase was mostly colored glass.

I can't wait to go to the store on my next trip to Chicago to see it in it's non-sale state. If you aren't in Chicago or aren't going soon, you are in luck as all these items are available on her website. Sale ends Oct. 1st.

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