Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Chicago Scouting

I can's say it enough... I LOVE CHICAGO.

We went to dinner at Ristorante Quartino the night before the race to carbo-load. My body is built from bread and cheese, no joke, it's practically all I eat (so much so that my family blames my kids' limited diet on my own, naturally). My point, is that an Italian restaurant with free-reign to order any bread and cheese item it absolute heaven.

Even better though, is a carb heaven with good decor!! I snapped these pictures whenever I could. The bathroom especially was so cool. And does anyone else remember the Borax soap? The granular, gritty soap that you'd pile into your hand and then make that great soapy paste? Like a total nerd, I got excited to see it in the bathroom and the youngins' at the sink with me had no idea what I was talking about when I said that it was the soap of my youth. It's what we had in elementary school exclusively. Cue their blank stares at the crazy lady in the bathroom reminiscing.

Love these French bar stools with the yummy leather and nailheads and bent wood.

These floors are what started my bathroom binge of photos. I love the pattern in the tile.

The frosted glass in the bathroom actually butts up to the mens bathroom, so you can get a little bit of commotion behind the glass, but the ladies room still feels private. It's a very cool feature.

The Borax soap sink.

Good little sitting area with mirrored walls.

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DebbieSmith said...

They do their own! Haven't you seen them put their make-up on by themselves. UNLESS its something VERY important ot special.

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