Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Finds: J.Crew + Flat-Rate Shipping (Finally!)

Surprise, surprise! It's a post devoted to J.Crew. I probably defer to them too much, but I find that my clothes from J.Crew tend to be the ones I wear season after season and the jewelry still comes in at the top of my list every time. It's costume jewelry, sure, but it can change an outfit from one look to a totally different vibe.

My good find for today is old news if you have been to J.Crew's site lately, but they FINALLY changed their shipping policy. If you remember, shipping used to be based on the overall dollar amount of your purchase, making it all the more painful to shop online seriously since it meant you'd pay buckets in shipping! It was redic!

Well, now it's a flat-rate and even free on orders of $175+. So to celebrate, I've posted my favorite jewelry -- something small that would have felt ridiculous paying $30 dollars or more to ship that you can now have for a more reasonable fee.

Resin & Crystal Link Necklace

Classic Pave Link Bracelet
Miriam Haskell Multistrand

Crystal Mosaic Bracelet

Oval Heirloom Locket

Mini-link Bracelet (on sale)

Shop away! They have some good prices on sake items right now too, happy hunting and happy weekend.

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