Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh Ballard

When I was flipping through the new Ballard Designs catalog today some artwork caught my eye. Artwork is such an important accessory to any room. However it can sometimes be the component that's cut due to budget reasons. A room without art is like vanilla ice cream. Reliable and yummy, but boring.

These prints look expensive, are substantial in size, and add a modern element to a room. They don't look like a mass produced piece and could pose as the real thing. They would work in a multitude of spaces from contemporary to beach to rustic.

First Light Giclee Print by Julie Holland

Blue Reflections by Liz Jardine

The Space Between Giclee Print by Heather Ross

Cool Mist Giclee Print by Hilario Gutierrez

Ballard, there are always some treasures hiding in those pages.
I love the thrill of the hunt.


Heather van Breda said...

Love the paintings!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous paintings! Love the colors and design.

Any idea about the quality of the actual pieces? Sadly, I live far from a Ballard Designs store/showroom, so can't see any of these in person. Do they have the texture and depth of originals?

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