Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I grew up in awe of my grandfather's career. He was a man blessed with the talent and charisma to work in Hollywood for 55+ years as a production designer/art director. He had a career that was unparalleled to others in the industry.
There have been many times in my life where people have asked if I'm related to Henry. I've always replied proudly that yes he was my grandfather. The next question usually was, "did you inherit any of his talent". My answer was usually, no, unfortunately I didn't. He was untouchable when it came to my view of his talent.

While I've always loved architecture and interior design I never really made the connection between my passion for remodeling homes and decorating/refurbishing furniture to his talent as an art director. In my mind, I could never be as creative and talented as him. I viewed my passion as just that, a passion. He set the bar too high in my mind for me to ever compete. How do you compete with Hollywood and Oscars - the highest mainstream level of creative recognition.

So today as I was working on some interior layouts for a client, I decided to unpack his portable drafting table that I rescued from the goodwill pile when my family was cleaning out his estate.
Then the obvious hit me on the head. Creating beautiful and livable spaces for clients is similar to creating a scene or set for the movies. Each client is like a different film with a different plot and personality. Each room, a different set to create the mood and story of that person's life. I don't know why I never made the connection.

A small tear rolled down my face as I cleaned the drafting board. His pencil marks from his floor plans and drawings were etched into the board. These etchings will guide and inspire me as I work on honing my craft. One day I hope to be worthy of the high praise that was bestowed upon you in your career.

Grandpa, I hope I make you proud as you watch down upon me. I only wish I had followed my heart and passion when you were alive so we could talk about it.

I will honor and cherish your drafting board. This was an incredible, unexpected gift.

I miss you. Thank you for helping me see the creativity within myself.


jennie said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. I know that your Bummy would be so proud of you. You are very talented and its obvious where that talent came from. Its rare to be able to do what you love and actually be good at it.. enjoy this incredible gift! I love reading your posts and seeing the work you do as well as what catches your eye. Please keep sharing your vision.

Kathysue said...

What a tribute to your Grandfather. I am sure he was very proud of you. This will be a way of having him with you each time you put pencil to paper, what sweet memories,Kathysue

Ormolulu said...


I'm so glad to have met you at Sand Point yesterday. Your post misted my eyes--what a legacy you have, and so much love!

Head north . . . :-)


Sherri said...

That is one special drafting board! Cool story. To bad we don't all know what we want to do when were 20. :)

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