Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm back!

Boy was it a long few weeks of misery. I know cold season is terrible, but I never expected my house to be it's own little petrie dish of pneumonia. My husband was the only one to not get it and on Tuesday night, right as we emerging from the darkness, into the light of happy healthiness, he says he isn't feeling good, feverish even. That was enough to make me pray to whoever will listen "please, do not get sick!!" Thankfully, he seems to be okay, but I'm watching him...

In the dull-drums of sickness, I was scavenging on the shelter mag sites and after much disappointment that Town and Country's website is still so terrible, it lead me to the "Designer Visions: Cinema Style" series that House Beautiful, Veranda and Town & Country did. Of course I've seen the apartment by Jim & Phoebe Howard because they are one of my favorite teams. But I missed the apartment done by Richard Hallberg.

The main reason that it caught my attention: Wall Street. I know it's silly because I should have been attracted to the design aspect of it, but do you all remember the original Wall Street apartment?! I saw it again recently and it is so comical! I wish there were photos online, but for good reason, no one has given it the time of day. 1987 wealth meant something VERY different, that is for sure!

Richard Hallberg saw this project as the roost of a Wall Street titan. I'm not sure a real titan would be this understated, given what's come out over the last few years about the lavish lifestyles of the Wall Street rich and infamous, but it's a nice interpretation of how it could all be in a more restrained world.

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