Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Finds: Merin Designs Totes

I think there are few better ways to describe me than the term "Bag Lady." Sadly it's not because of an impressive collection of fabulous purses, but more so because of the amount of stuff I'm always carrying with me: my purse, a shopping bag filled with newly acquired samples, another bag devoted to a client, another bag for the spill-over that wouldn't fit in the first bag... you get my drift.

Two things have recently improved my situation: My girlfriend, Kea, who made a great bag through her company Merin Designs. And a wonderful client who so generously gave me one of the bags for Christmas (I think, because I clearly always had so much stuff with me).

They are awesome-- HUGE with capital letters, but filled with just right pockets to keep everything organized. It is a bag designed by a mom, for moms, but the difference is that it makes it possible to not feel like you cashed in your style chips just because you have lot of stuff to haul.

Another bonus, the bottom is waterproof -- "Keep your bottom dry" is her slogan and it really does, so come summer it does double-duty at the pool and in every other season, it stays dry in parking lots while you fumble with groceries or corral kids. Medium sizes are also now available, as well as the cutest little Mini Merin. AND, you can visit them on Facebook for news about fun events and promotions :)

Featured in our local magazine 425 as an A-list item to have

One of 5 styles, all named after Seattle neighborhoods.

5 current colors

The Mini Merin


The enchanted home said...

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by! I am your fellow Napa addict, LOVE IT! Anyway speaking of love, this is a great tote..love the waterproof bottom..how smart! I am going to go visit and check these babies out...great colors too! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm a bit of a bag lady myself!

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