Monday, March 21, 2011

Life as a Designer is So Glam...

You know when you go to cocktail parties or those little mixers where people play the "And what do you do?" game? Well, it always happens that when I say "Interior Designer" I can practically see the mental imagery of my job in their heads as they imagine it. I think it's great, especially because I know that I chose to do something that a lot of people would dream to do, but more often than not, that mental picture of my job is SO different than what it actually is. Because more often than not, the real job is very different and a lot harder.

I submit, Article 1 into evidence:

And Article 2:

This is a picture I snapped right before I drove across the city (and 3 bridges) in the pouring rain with 4 feet of panel molding sticking out my front passenger window. Do you see that rain too? Hello, Seattle. The best thing about this is that in an effort to be a law-abiding citizen, I flagged the protruding wood with my son's orange football sock. I don't even want to repeat what it looked like, or rather, what my husband said it looked like, before he saw me pull away.

All in the job description, I just wish I could show those cocktail-ers a few pages from my scrapbook, because most would include dusty bags and shoes, hands covered in tile thin-set and bottoms that almost always have a big white ring from having sat in the wrong place on a job site.

Getting dirty is part of the fun, but it probably doesn't do much for my image :)


The enchanted home said...

So very true. Most of the time, it means being on a worksite (sometimes a construction site) with dirty/dusty shoes...all kinds of fabrics, wood chips, wallpaper books practically falling out of the car, hardly glamorous....well maybe on occasion!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the funniest design posts I have ever read! I too am a designer (and blogger!) and you are exactly right, although it's fun that people think our job is super glamorous, our day to day work is far from it!!

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