Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Round-Up of Finds

I've been painting some sconces for a client, so as I sit down to get some desk work done my paint-covered hands keep catching my eye. But, it got me thinking that I have run across some great products lately that are worth knowing about and it also gets me thinking that there are some cute little internet finds out there that sure seem worth talking about for spring (if this Seattle rain EVER STOPS!!)

EmersonMade has been all over the bloggosphere lately because of her awesome house. And I'm becoming a fan of her stuff, so effortless and let's face it, she models all her clothing and she looks like a pro doing it -- she is super cute. But this sweater and dahlia combo makes me wish I went to my "ladies who lunch" functions looking like this.

I need to start packing myself a lunch (ugh) because somehow I always find myself inconveniently out and about when I get hungry, and conveniently, right near a Starbucks or fast food place. It's a wonder I haven't keeled over from unhealthy eating lately. If I packed it in a baggu, maybe it would make the sad sandwich inside seem more interesting.

It's currently on my fingernails, but has anyone ever tried this line from Rustoleum? It's in the Universal line and the can sprays like an honest-to-god sprayer with a sqeeze-grip. Plus, I used the hammer finish and it is really cool looking. I'm in shock!

The color for spring they keep saying: nude. So I've got my eye on some little Tory Burch nude flats. I'm not going to be the girl in pumps for day, I've faced that fact, so maybe some of these adorable ballet flats will fit the bill.

My sister was on a road trip this weekend with girlfriends and all of them were raving about "The Beam." She uses a clarisonic, but the girls were saying this little red/blue light machine has been the cure to pesky adult breakouts and also reverses the signs of aging. She volunteers with college-aged girls who were using it for problem areas, but the red light can be used alone to increase collagen and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and redness. I have to say, I'm intrigued... anything to stop that clock!

Lastly, it's random but it makes me happy: iPhone covers on ebay. I took the plunge and invested a whole $1.99 in a matte gold iPhone 4 case in December and it's still going strong. It makes me happy every day and for $1.99 I feel like I cheated the system. AND I can always tell which phone is mine in the sea of smartphones.

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Barbara@HausDesign said...

What a fun collection of things! I love the Emerson Made stuff too. I'm now intrigued about that blue/red light 40th is fast approaching!

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