Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going Paperless

I was thinking about the whole idea of invitations the other day. I love getting a real invitation in the mail for an event. It makes the whole thing feel more special -- it helps create excitement around the event and it just seems to make even the smallest thing feel legitimate.

The problem with invitations is that we all seem to be living on our computers and the best way to get a hold of someone these days is through email. Not to mention, I'm hoping I'm not the only one who forgets to get the mail once in a while? All of this has lead to the huge popularity of evite and the like, but the problem is... I really hate their formatting! It's tacky. I totally use them, but every time my heart longs for the paper invite I could have sent if I had a grasp on things.

So, meet Paperless Post. It's not free, but it's inexpensive and the designs are great. It's what I would have sent in the mail in most of cases, but instead it's online and it even "opens" like a real invite.

1 comment:

Meta Musings said...

such a great idea! i will have to use this soon!

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