Monday, October 31, 2011

Metallic hides

I'm loving the metallic zebra and cowhides. They are so subtle yet add the right about of glamour and texture to a room. Great for someone who's a little nervous about the traditional hides OR for someone who wants the next HOT home decor item.

House of LoLo in Portland Oregon uses one to glam up the boutique. The boutique was featured in the new issue of House of Fifty magazine.

I love the color and sophisticated statement they make. I can't wait to use a metallic hide to add a little unexpected glamour to a room.


Anonymous said...

I want one!! They're probably super expensive. Is there anyone in Seattle where one can be seen?

Ann said...

So fun, they look perfectly at home in that boutique!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** I purchased one, w/ the stipulation that I could return it if my husband reeeeally "disliked" it... I was amaaaaazed that he actually, & quite surprisingly to me, thought it was quite cool......... We live in a large, stone & glass house in the desert, & I've used lots of leather, suedes, wools, and a dollop of cowhide on the backs of some very big chairs (I am VERY judicious about using it... anymore than a touch is overkill~~~ oops!Ppardon the pun!) to me~~~

ANYWAY, I'm glad to see it "out there", & that some liked it...


Linda in AZ *

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