Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Lazaro Rosa Violan's Barcelona kitchen made me rethink the American standard of a kitchen: Why can't it look like a great, interesting space as long as it can still function as a kitchen and gathering space?

It's been crammed down our throats that a kitchen has a working triangle, it has to have a laundry list of "super durable" things like solid surface counters (although a lot of people can't even imagine a marble counter as they've been incorrectly told its too high maintenance (they actually get better with age and wear -- it's why they've been putting them in for hundreds of years!)), a tile or stone floor ("heavens no on hardwood") and a huge island with lots of seating.

Our kitchen blueprint has become gigantic- literally everything, including multiple kitchen sinks, multiple dishwashers, multiple eating areas. And it makes great sense until, well, until it doesn't. When you see how others live and you realize it can be unnecessary and all-consuming.

This kitchen has soul and it reflects the lives of the owners. It breaks all the rules and I love it. Herringbone wood floors (I DIE) and a wood counter island. No upper cabinets - just lower shelves with all the necessary tools in reach. An island without bar stools -- what a refreshing sight. A funky support column that adds character instead of being dressed up to look like a theater set. An unfinished open beam ceiling that marries beautifully with large scale crown moulding and a tabletop lamp instead of pendants. But the piece de resistance - the Asian screen that is the backdrop for the entire room. The room is stunning in an unconventional way.

This is a kitchen I want to cook in, celebrate in and just hang out in. It's so beautiful that it makes you want to create beautiful food. Maybe we should re-think the rules of what a kitchen is supposed to be and start creating kitchens that reflect who we are and what we need.

Everyone, meet my soapbox, but I'm a woman inspired.

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Anonymous said...

I want that kitchen! I could even learn to cook. (just kidding) I have been searching for ideas for a great, different look for my kitchen remodel, and I love this. Wonderful inspiration. Thank you so much for this post.

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