Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Clients and friends always ask me how I feel about color continuity in a house . Do I think you should have a color story or theme that's carried throughout the entire house or can you change each room.

While I don't like themed houses (Ala french country, mid-century without any other era, or shabby chic), I do like continuity in a house. For me, there should be some relationship between each room. Whether it's complementary colors, finish work, or consistent architectural elements, the house should have some flow. That said, the inside of the house should also take it's cues from the architectural style of the house. There's nothing worse than a house that feels like a theme park or a where the owners ignore all the architectural elements with their own personal preferences. We've all seen those houses - it just doesn't work. It's not relaxing as your eye has no where to rest.

This French inspired house in Utah designed by Alice Lane, courtesy of the blog Verdigris Vie, is a great example of flow and continuity with the owner's personality shining through. Unlike a lot of new construction, the outside of the house sets the tone for the inside. A timeless foundation that will grow with the owner as their life and taste changes. Best of all, each room, while unique, still feels like it's in the same house.

The consistent architectural elements and materials also helps bring the large scale, a whopping 14,000 square feet, down to earth by making it feel comfortable and relaxed vs. something out of Real Housewives of New Jersey. All to often these new houses try to incorporate every wood species or new trend, which just leaves them feeling disjointed. Like the owner just couldn't decide what they liked - so they liked everything.

A restrained and consistent design palette can create a relaxing and timeless house regardless of your style preference.



Design Elements said...

beautiful images! lovely greetings

Anonymous said...

Check out more images of this house at Decor de Provence- the wonderful blog written by the owner of this incredible home!

Anonymous said...

wow.. beautiful. when can I move in?

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