Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soul Kitchen

I've been drooling over this kitchen by Interior Designer Kathy Bennett since I saw it in our dearly departed Southern Accents. As I'm working on a grand kitchen/great room I've been wrestling with the best location to place the everyday eating area as there just isn't an ideal spot due to window and door placement. The creative process takes time people - really - and we sweat over these details.

Banquettes are always a good solution when space is an issue and they always up the cozy factor. But, this one is different. This one makes me want to live in this kitchen. REALLY.

I love how the banquette is placed against the island and they didn't try to do traditional bar seating. It creates a dining area that is still part of the kitchen, yet has a completely separate vibe. The best part is you can't see the mess in the kitchen so you can actually enjoy your meal! I'd be okay having to carry my food around the island, instead of sliding it across, so I could sit in this beauty.

While the banquette is the focus of this picture, the rest of the room is swoon worthy. No detail was overlooked. Hello black Parisian doors, old brick back splash, detailed wainscot ceiling, antique chandelier, antlers, and incredible hardware. This is a kitchen with a soul that is meant to live in.

Maybe it's the perfect solution for my client.... or me someday. A girl can dream...

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