Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Long Faux River Rock!!!

It's a big week in these parts, well actually, a few big weeks! And for my clients, a few big weeks that are going to feel very long while they are living out of boxes and cooking with a microwave. But they say good things come to those who wait, and baby, this is a GREAT thing. Remember the house I posted about last week when I mentioned the builder to custom remodel? Well the cabinets arrived this week from Pennsylvania and demo started on the kitchen and attached sitting room. Just to give you an idea of what it was like before:

Great appliances were about the only thing the builder had splurged on so they are being re-used in the new kitchen. Other than that, low-quality cabinets in mid-tone wood and pre-fab granite. (Forgive the photo, we're feeling a little shy, aka, we did not know that photo was being taken!)

The beautiful media wall o' boxes and the three little pigs chimney. Why the builder thought it was a good idea to make a grid system, regardless of opposing drywall confounds me. Also, my client could literally FIT in these if she wanted to because they are SO deep! Who wants cubbies that deep at 14' high!?

And now, in progress after today:

Popping off the rock - I wish I had a picture of it with nothing, it's amazing the difference it makes, even at this stage and a few moments after this was taken, the top boxes were drywalled over and later the fireplace is being reshaped.

The wall where the range used to be. In the new kitchen, this wall is shortened and holds the bulk of the appliances - fridge, double ovens and microwave.

The biggest transformation: We ripped out the wall that used to separate the butler's pantry from the kitchen. The new plan opens up the space and gives the room a huge run of counters and it's now a wrap-around kitchen -- no hidden areas that don't get used and her desk area is actually a part of the space. Not to mention direct access to the dining room and another bonus is that it makes the soon-to-be-installed grasscloth visible from the kitchen. Gorgeous!

I'll continue to keep you posted. I also have a few more pictures of before and afters in this home and I can't wait to share more. It's truly a great example of what can happen to these "big box" homes when you have great clients and the opportunity to make it happen.

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Kari said...

Susie, so great to see what you are up to! Very exciting work. Your site is beautiful. All the best, ~kari

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