Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Finds

I must admit by Wednesday I start to panic about what I'm going to declare is the "good find" of the week. I don't have a standing list of what I want to write about as I want to be authentic and pick something that's moved me or inspired me that week. The problem is between carpools, errands and work, sometimes it's hard to put my finger on what's inspiring me. Then there's the question of whether or not you, my readers, will even care about what I'm loving. Do you care that I love, love, love boyfriend jeans because they feel like sweats but are still pulled together enough (with the right top and accessories) that if I ran into an ex-boyfriend I wouldn't be embarrassed. Do you care about what amazing face product I use or what T.V. show I can't get enough of? Doubtful, but if you're wondering it's Decleor and Flipping Out. Jeff Lewis makes me laugh like no other. If it's on I'm done for. I will sit there and watch episodes I've already seen because I love his hard perfectionist shell and gooey center!

So what do I love this week? As I was trying to think of things that caught my attention this week, I realized that the IKEA Knappa pendant lights in my studio make me happy. Who knew that flat pieces of polypropylene could look so incredible once they were all snapped together. For the record I didn't do the snapping. I took one look at the instructions and handed it over to my sister. Thanks sis! It's a fun and affordable fixture for a modern or industrial space or it adds a little whimsy or eclecticism to a more traditional space. It gives out the softest light and changes the mood of the entire room. And at $29.99 it's a steal. That's high praise from someone who wouldn't normally buy a modern IKEA light fixture as my taste in lighting tends to be more traditional.

If you want something a little larger and more glamorous, the IKEA Maskros is beautiful. It would be wonderful in a bedroom, breakfast nook, dining room or living room. It has a similar feel to high end designer lights but at a fraction of the price. Even better, it lends itself to more of a traditional/transitional feel than the Knappa.

Some friends of mine from Holland have a similar light fixture that they brought with them when they moved to the States. It's magical when you turn it on because the inside is filled with little twinkly white halogen lights. It's literally a show stopper! Gorgeous.

It's call the Fil de Fer by Catellani & Smith and handmade in Italy. It can be purchased through TrendDesign24 and shipped to the U.S.

While the IKEA one isn't as stunning, its lovely just the same. For $89 you can get the look without the large price tag. I might have to run out and get one this weekend.

What do you want to read about for "good finds?" Do you like a mix of fashion, food and design or do you just want to hear about great design finds? I'd love to know.

Have a great weekend!


snobertson said...

Jeff Lewis makes me weak at the knees. I wish Bravo would do a whole weekend, airing all of the episodes at once. Then I could just check out and laugh until my eyes water.

As far as good finds, I love the mix. If I'm like most of your readers, 99% of my Google reader is made up of design blogs, and sometimes, well I O.D. on it all. The surprise is what keeps me coming back, so I say mix. it. up.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh just found your blog and I gotta tell even though you thought you had nothing entertaining to write about you entertained me!!!

Love those lights. I always think about snagging on in IKEA, but never actually do it. I just need to find a space for it.

Love Jeff Lewis as well!!

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