Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Newer Model

Please, somebody buy me and love me. Don't don't tear me down and replace me with a younger more attractive model. (Sometimes younger models don't age as well as the original. We've all seen examples of this from celebrity marriages - I won't name names.)

I'm sad that I have to post about this topic. But with all the new mega mansions being built, someone is going to come in and bulldoze this incredible old property.

In the Northwest it's hard to find a an old regal house on the water. While there are still lots of original Craftsman's they are usually in more urban areas. Most of the suburban houses are from the post war era and are tiny boxes, or the beautiful 60's and 70's Brady Bunch houses due to the period of growth in Seattle. Not the most attractive real estate for the price of the land. Compare our options to what you'd get in Houston. Pretty sad when you think about it.

Why can't some of our limited architectural history be preserved? I'm not asking for the world. The house could be remodeled and still keep the integrity of the original property alive while allowing the homeowner to have today's conveniences. Really, do you need master bedroom sized wine cellar? Do you really need a giant media room with actual media chairs or will a nice down filled sofa do? How many pools does one person need? And do you really need that Koi pond? Do you need a walk in closet for your 3 year old? Don't get me wrong - I love a walk in closet as much as the next person but it doesn't need to be gigantic to be functional. When are people going to say, enough is enough?

I can't count the number of old beautiful houses that were torn down and replaced with houses straight out of Caesar's Palace in Vegas. ( Go ahead, you can keep tearing down the 70's split levels. It's okay).

I've always been in love with this one. It's on the most beautiful little lane and has prime waterfront just across the water from Seattle. I'm crossing my fingers someone buys it as their home and makes minor modifications while keeping it's history intact. It has the best bones, it just needs a few minor tweaks. I'd be happy to help you with the remodel and give the house a feminine touch. Belgian, anyone? Developers need not apply. IF only I had $6,295,000. Id take you off the market. Until then, my fingers are crossed that you find your soul mate.

Charming walkway to the front door and family room (on the left)

The house from the water. Large beautiful lawn.

Another view from the water.

Incredible living room. The high ceilings, windows on all sides, over-sized lantern, and fireplace are amazing. This room is great in the summer or winter with the views out to the water and access to the patio.

Interesting coffee table. The bones of this room as so good. Truly amazing in person. There's a great nook under the stairs with a mirrored bar. Very Hollywood glam. Wish it was included in the pictures. The staircase is great as well. Sometimes real estate pictures don't do the house justice.

Family room. Needs redecorating but again the bones are good. The room could be opened up to the kitchen for a family with young children without disrupting the overall look and feel of the house. There's a guest wing (I think two bedrooms off this room as well). Again, not sure why there's not a picture of the kitchen. It's a nice sized kitchen, just not the mega kitchen of today.

Dining Room. Wouldn't this be beautiful in white linen and a big chunky dark table. Less period, more drama.

Eating/breakfast nook off the kitchen. Notice the access to the patio and the fireplace at the end of the room.

Master bedroom. Large enough to be comfy without overwhelming.

Outside patio. If I lived here I would never want to go out for a glass of wine. I believe this was an addition yet it was tastefully done to blend with the house.

Another view of the back patio. Love it. Just need some more comfortable chairs for lounging.

Waterfront dock with boat lift. The only way to go.

View from the water and dock.

Aerial view of the property.

Call me if you buy it. I'd be happy to help.


seattle shopping girl said...

where is this??!! can you put on hold for me for a year or so??

snobertson said...
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snobertson said...

Love that house. It already is so close to being amazing. Just a little more love could really make it sing.

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