Friday, September 18, 2009

Pre - Good Finds

Before I start today's post on "good finds," I have to share a little story about another great product. Regular "good finds" post to follow. Check back shortly.

My kids love to play with my business's bank deposit stamp. I think they like the sound it makes. They treat it like a tattoo and stamp their arms, face, legs, stomach - you name it. As I'm working yesterday, they grab the stamp and start stamping. I don't think much about it. Remember I have two boys. Nothing is out of the ordinary for me.

In typical fashion, they follow me wherever I go in the house. So they bring their fun upstairs to the kitchen. About every 15 minutes a fight breaks out because my 4 year old wants his big brother to play with him and big bro is tormenting him. I don't think much as they run screaming into my living room - business as usual. My oldest son is laying on my camel mohair sofa screaming for his life (again, this is a daily occurrence). I go into the room to separate them and what do I see? The black bank stamps (being water soluble) have transferred to my mohair sofa. Black smears all over my sofa cushions! I DIE.

I say things I shouldn't to the kids in the heat of the moment. Then I try to breathe and figure out how to clean it without damaging the fabric. After a call to my mom and internet research, I try dabbing the spots with a dry cloth and then Woolite and water. It doesn't look good as the process is creating big black wet spots that usually dry in a permanent ring. I just keep blotting it with paper towels to soak up the moisture and hope for the best.

Two hours later the cushions are dry. No spots. No rings. Just like new. I always recommend mohair to my clients with kids as a durable fabric. Well, yesterday I had to put my sofa to the test. If I failed, I was in trouble after all the praising I had given that little fabric, thank goodness I wasn't proven wrong!

Mohair, you're still a "good find."

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