Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's old is new again

History repeats itself and interior design is no exception.  

I found a fabulous book that was published sometime in the sixties, House and Garden's Complete Guide to Interior Decoration, and was shocked to see many similarities in today's designs.  

I was having flashbacks of Domino as I looked at these images.  
A lot of blue but notice the garden stools, chinois metal table, white bamboo mirror and white bamboo Chippendale chair.  

Again, white painted Chippendale chairs with a parsons table.  Looks a lot like something Windsor Smith would design.  Love the large cabinet on the far wall.  

Typical entryway of today's shelter magazines.  Vermilion parsons table with large urns/vases and Asian inspired side chairs.  Notice the stuffed animal head which is so popular again.
(I should know the name of the animal pictured, as my eight year old is a walking encyclopedia of animals. Maybe I should pay more attention to him when he's telling me the names). 

Bedroom with fabric covered walls, graphic print rug and python end table. Everything in this room is current except for the lamp.  

This is the adjoining office to the bedroom. Again, everything here but the lamp could be featured in one of today's shelter magazines.  This room screamed Domino. 

Dark floors, zebra rug, white sofa, metal tray table, dark ceiling beams, french chair, and pops of red.  Need I say more?
Minus the fur rug, this rooms screams Metropolitan Home. 
Again, switch out the painting and you have a room from 2009.  

Classics are classics.  Each generation just reinvents or tweaks them slightly to fit their lifestyle. 


hpmommy said...

The most important lesson I learned at the Fashion Institute is Fashion is evolutionary not revolutionary. It's a bell curve that changes directions but is pretty constant. Definitely makes it hard to get rid of much loved household items!

Linda in AZ * said...

* "Classics" never die, do they??? Thanks for a TERRIFFIC posting today!! I'm smiling!!!(Just goes to show us, yet once again, that good taste NEVER goes "out of style"!)

Linda in AZ *

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