Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mary McDonald - Statement Art

I love Mary McDonald.  She isn't a one-look designer.  She can do calm and serene or whimsical and bold.   I'm always amazed at her variety when I look at her portfolio.  Regardless of the look - it's always chic and comfortable.   

Right now I'm loving her commercial project,  The Luxe in Bel-Air.   The best part?  The art. She blew up black-and-white photos of shells and added a wash of sepia.  The result is unique and graphic yet warm and inviting.  It's a refreshing take on the usual black and white photo galleries associated with most boutique hotels.  

It's a great idea for a statement wall in your house.  Forget the black and white photo gallery and go for something with more impact.  

The best part is that you can create whatever you want.  Your kids, flowers, shoes, landscapes - whatever suits your fancy and your style. 

Start snapping.  

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